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Today’s modern woman has so much on her hands – work, family, social commitments and always being in touch with what is latest. So how does she achieve this? We at LadyTown.com understand that what today’s modern woman needs is a brilliant online magazine, that focuses on all the things that she’d like to keep up with, without spending too much time flipping through the pages of a regular magazine.

We understand that the women of today don’t have too much time at hand. So when does she really read up on the latest tips on fashion and beauty, and find out about the newest diet on the block? Of course, at her lunch break, or when the kids are tucked in bed! And the ideal way to do that is to read a magazine that addresses the issues that bother or interest the modern woman. And that magazine is exactly what we intend LadyTown e to become! LadyTown is a magazine that is made for the young, modern woman who wants to find out about the best way to handle her snooty boss, the ideal way to dress for a special dinner date, the simplest way to lose weight without fussing too much and the best recipes to impress the in-laws!

We want LadyTown to be your one-stop shop to know everything – the best jewelry brand, the best celeb diets that work, the ideal winter skin care regimen you should follow and how to keep your man interested in you after 5 years of marriage. We know that the modern woman wants to know it all, and she doesn’t have the time to wait for her favorite magazines to be published monthly, or bi-monthly! With fashion trends and beauty tricks changing every day, she needs to read something new, something exciting and something fun every day. And this is why, we at LadyTown.com, want to bring to all you women fresh stories and updates every day, so your lunch hour is the one hour in the day you look forward to the most!

So under the guidance of Sherly Ferrer, the team at LadyTown is here to give you everything you need – lifestyle tips, recipes and beauty tricks, advice on sex and love and even help with parenting! So come be a part of this brilliant innovation – LadyTown, where we will teach you how to pamper yourself and make yourself feel good about being a woman every day, forever….