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Are You Aging Early?

aging early

Women age faster and earlier than men. The early signs of aging starts showing from late twenties in women. If you are ignorant, then more likely, its going to worsen with time and aging early is something one cannot take for granted. The solution is to start taking care of your skin before its too late. Why would you choose to look older than a man of exactly your age? Though aging is inevitable, you can always try to delay it from showing on your face by keeping yourself fit and healthy. How early those wrinkle and age signs appear on your face depends on the individual’s genes and lifestyle. Women who are workaholics or takes too much stress tends to age faster.



1. Pre menstrual syndrome or PMS can be one of the reasons as to why women age early. Many women have this problem. It occurs during the week leading up to the start of the monthly cycle in women. The sufferings due to PMS, like headache, abdominal bloating, tender breasts, mood swings etc leads to early aging.

2. The process of puberty starts earlier like during the age of 10 years while in boys it starts a little later. Hence girls mature faster. While on the other hand women by, 50 becomes too old to give birth while a man can go on till 60-70.

3. Stress in another big factor. Too much stress be it mental or physical is results in making you look older than you actually are.

4. Long hours of exposure to sun causes your skin to damage early. This is called ‘Photo aging’. The damage caused by exposure to ultra violet rays. The appearance of spots, freckles wrinkles and general detoriation of your skin tone results from UV rays, which can be primarily from the sun but can also be from artificial sources of light. The UVB rays permeates through the outer layer or the epidermal which ultimately results in photo aging. UVB radiation damages the epidermis of the skin and pierces deeper into the dermis. It damages the epidermal cells, collagen and elastin which forms the dermis and responsible for maintaining the skin’s resilience.

5. With the decline in the formation of the collagen the skin sags and looks dull. Collagens are basically proteins and is responsible for the skin’s strength. With age the collagen formation declines.

6. Appearance of under eye dark circles also makes you look fatigue and old. It can be caused due to stress or inadequate sleep. Staying awake at late nights, improper diet can result in dark circles. It can be also genetic.

7. Getting over weight at an early age may also make you look some 5-6 years older than you actually are. Fats make your skin sag and as result the woman look older. Developing double chin or chubby chicks can be cute at times but in the long run it tends to take away the youthful you from your face. Plump people look older than those who are not. Thus, concentrate on weight loss.

8. Smoking and drinking alcohol also results in premature aging. Women who smokes or drinks a lot tends to age faster.



Prevention is better than cure. Once the signs of aging aggravates there is little you can do about it. So it is better to start early and take proper care of your skin. A good glowing skin can make you look 10 years younger than your actual age!! And who wouldn’t love to look and feel young!

1)      Drink lots n lots of water! Take in as much fluid as you can. Water helps cleaning your system and maintains the elasticity of the skin imparting a natural glow! It Make it a habit. Drink at least 3 litres of water daily.

2)      Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet instead of empty calories. These have essential vitamins and nutrients that keeps you healthy and makes you skin glow.

3)      Keep your skin moisturized and toned. Follow a daily routine of deep cleansing, toning and moisturizing which will maintain the PH balance of your skin.

4)      Use a sunscreen before stepping out. Apply it at least half an hour before the sun exposure. Re apply every two hours, carry an umbrella if its possible.

5)      Avoid excessive intake of sugar, salt and junk foods. All these would aggravate the problems.

6)      Watermelons, cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli, cabbages, cauliflower, raddish etc), nuts, citrus fruits and berries help in fighting signs if aging. Watermelons are rich in Vitamins A, B and C. Its seed contain high concentration of Vitamin E, zinc and essential fats which are very good in fighting premature aging. Nuts are very rich sources of minerals and help your immune system work properly and improves the overall texture of your skin. Cruciferous vegetables have anti wrinkle properties and are high on Vitamin C and soluble fibres. Berries and citrus fruits contain anti oxidants which helps maintain skin and fights premature aging.

7)      Exercising keeps you fit and if you are health from inside your skin will also glow. Yoga and breathing exercises improves your blood circulation and provides oxygen to your skin. Your skin thus remains healthy and supple and looks fresh and young.

8)      Follow a healthy lifestyle. If you are into a faulty routine then beware, it can affect your health and your looks as well. Try to get enough sleep daily. Sleep rejuvenates your body. While you are sleeping your body regenerate and silently makes up for all the stress that you have gone through, the whole day so that you wake up feeling fresh the next morning.

You cant control the time or the nature. They are not in your hands. But yes, if you want you can stretch your youth and look younger as long as it is in your hands. Many women looks double their age because of pre mature aging. If you try you can always deal with it. Remaining happy and content are another two big factors that influence your looks. If you are young and happy from inside you would look so from outside as well. So be happy, take care and stay beautiful!

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