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Will you choose Botox for youself ?

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Botox is a trade name for the neuro toxic protein called Botulinum toxin which is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. When taken in large doses, the protein causes Botulism, a very rare paralytic illness often causing food poisoning too. The protein is also used in cosmetic medicine to treat moderate to severe cases of wrinkles, facial creases, blinking, brow furrow and even uncontrolled blinking. The toxin Botulinum is commercially sold under the brand name of Botox.

Obsessed with Looks

People are so obsessed with their looks that they are making Botox their first choice for ridding them of wrinkles.  Apart from the fact that Botox treatments can be dangerous, they only last about four months. It is just temporary and those wrinkles will soon return where they were. The temporary effect of Botox makes the whole process repetitive and that is why people spend loads of cash in getting Botox injections frequently.

While there may be cosmetic benefits to Botox treatments, Botox can be very dangerous and can cause a number of side effects like headaches, dry mouth, stomach upsets and the risk of Botulism.

Experience talks

Botox can also treat muscle stiffness. Sharing her experiences, a lady once told me that her son had extreme tone in his legs and they were very spastic due to his cerebral palsy diagnosis.  Botox was one of the options. They had to inject it into his little legs to help with the spasticity but she decided against it.  The whole idea that a toxin would be injected into her son’s legs to loosen them up just didn’t seem right to her.

To add to her worries, the Botox treatment would have caused the nerves in her son’s legs to be impaired during the whole course of therapy which would have repeated every three months. Apart from this the treatment would have burnt a hole in her pocket.

She also told me that in long term treatments of Botox, antibodies to the toxin can build up in the blood stream and reduce the effect of Botox on the spasticity and basically defeating the purpose in the long run. All of the injections given to her son then would result in future Botox injections being ineffective. So in just a matter of time as the effect of previous injection lessens, the next injection’s effect would be streaming down too.

So instead of Botox, she opted to have her son’s legs exercised and stretched out continuously, followed by a bilateral hamstring release which is a surgical procedure to increase the length of the hamstrings. While hamstring surgery is more invasive than injections, the surgery followed by good physical therapy sessions was better in the long run. Lastly she added that given a chance she would choose surgery and physical therapies over Botox any day.

Is Botox worth it?

Doctors use this toxin in small doses to cure face wrinkles and other issues. But the point is that these injections may even be life threatening. They temporarily paralyze the area where the toxin s injected.
Is it all worth it?  That’s something only you can answer.  What is more important to you? Risking your health to look younger or keeping your health? The choice is obvious to me but then that’s just my opinion.  While anti wrinkle products give you the instant gratification that what Botox does, they are much safer for your body.

But of course, slow and steady wins the race.


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