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Eat to Lose Weight! Foods That Help you Lose Weight Faster


We all are looking for means and ways for healthy weight loss. For anyone who has struggled with weight gain issues, it becomes important to understand that losing weight is a process that cannot be rushed. Yes, you might find crash diets that offer you fast weight loss, but ask yourself this important question. Are those diets really offering me permanent weight loss? What will happen when I go back to my regular diet? The answers are simple friend! Any quick weight loss technique is not for life, and for the best weight loss  process, you need to make lifestyle changes.

What you really need is to adopt a more holistic approach where you eat wholesome foods that are low in natural sugars and calories and add more fruits and veggies to your diet that give you the plethora of nutrients your body needs to remain healthy.

A well balanced diet will give you energy to workout, build and repair your muscles and help you lose weight faster on a long term basis. But that having been said, did you know that a few foods can bring about weight loss too?! We are sure you haven’t yet explored the world of wonder foods that promise to be your best friends on this weight loss journey. So here they are – foods that help you lose weight.

Research says that many regular every day food items can help you reduce weight. From beans to broccoli, there are so many options when it comes to choosing the right food for your body. The idea here is to increase your rate of metabolism, so your body can fight off excess weight naturally.

1. Eggs

eggs for weight loss

A power house of protein and carbohydrates, eating eggs is a great way to stay in shape. Now leave your morning bagel and croissants breakfast and try out 2 whole scrambled eggs with multi-grain toast.  Not only will you feel full for longer, you will also see that the protein keep your blood sugar levels in check and keeps hunger cravings at bay.

2. Salad

salad for weight loss

Did you know that salads are the perfect companion for every meal? Why, you may ask now.  The raw fruits and veggies in salad are high in fiber and low in calories. So when you eat salad with regular meals, you end up eating less of the high calorie carbs and proteins and end up adding more nutrients and fiber to your meal. Portion control is not always easy – we all love to stuff our faces till we feel full. So why not stuff it with something healthy like a big salad?

3. Beans

beans for weight loss

As per a research done by University of California, beans have a special hormone – ‘Cholecystokinin’.  This special ingredient in beans makes it your best friend for faster weight loss. Beans are great for heart health, keep your sugar levels balanced out and reduce cholesterol. Isn’t that enough reason to eat more beans? Not to add, you can cook them up with different recipes for different flavors.

4. Pears

pears for weight loss

We all thought ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. And apples have always been the favorite fruit for dieter. But now, you have another option! Pears are known to have more fiber and lesser calories as compared to apples. Since both contain pectin, which helps to decrease blood sugar levels, they make sure you don’t snack on unhealthy friend foods between meals.  So go ahead and try a pear instead of an apple for your mid-morning snack and be happy about the change in flavors!

5. Green tea

green tea weight loss

Green Tea has been used for ages for its antioxidant and slimming effects. It increases your metabolism, which means you burn fat at a much faster rate. It has another health benefit – lower bad cholesterol. Also, green tea can be made in to nice iced teas and hot teas with flavors like mint and lemon, to avoid binging on high calorie foods. Next time you want something to sip on, ditch your favorite colas and try Green Tea instead!

6. Vinegar

vinegar for weight loss

We bet you have heard many models claim, “I drink a shot of vinegar before my meal to stay in shape”. Wondered what that is all about? Let us enlighten you! Vinegar is a great source of acetic acid, and this makes the food you have eaten move at a slower pace from your stomach to the intestines. This simply means you stay fuller for longer! Not to add, the taste is so horrid; it will curb your appetite too! Talk about a smart way to portion control! But you don’t need vinegar shots to benefit from the wonder properties of this miraculous liquid. Instead, have bread dipped in vinegar and see the same results.

So plate up! Eat these foods regularly and see how your weight gain woes leave you forever!

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