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Handy Dating Tips for Your First Date

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Have you been waiting to date that cute guy at your college or that handsome man at your work place for ages, and he has finally asked you out! Surely you are excited! And who wouldn’t be! So you need to be at your best on your first date with him. Be the siren he cant help thinking about! The first impression can affect lot of things. But don’t be nervous. Take it lightly and go with the flow. A good date can make you feel happy and even more confident about yourself.

With online dating becoming common these days, many people meet on the internet and then decides to take it beyond that. It is a bigger challenge in such cases because now that you have decided to come face to face it is about how to present yourself to him. It might seem to be a bit frightening but once you meet up with him you will realize it’s a much better way to connect with someone on a real date.

The dating game can be fun, and how much that rests on you. Nobody would want to go on a date and ruin it . On such an occasion you would definitely feel the need for few dating tips that would come handy. The first and the foremost advice is don’t be nervous. After that take care of the rest.

1)      Decide a good place for the rendezvous. A restaurant or a café or any place that’s not too much crowded with people or doesn’t have too many things going on around you that might divert your attention.

2)      Don’t put on too much make up and end up looking overdone. Try to keep it simple and elegant. A nice short dress or, skirts or even just casuals can make you look beautiful. Wear what you are comfortable in. smell good. A soft sweet fragrance can cast the spell! But then again, don’t empty a bottle of perfume on yourself!  You don’t have look like super model. He wants to meet ‘you’ and not some hot model or a movie star.

3)      Try to be punctual. Don’t make him wait for too long. It can be a turn off. But if you are stuck at something tell him the truth, he would understand.

4)      Greet him with a sweet smile and a small formal hug. If you are too shy then just a warm smile would do. Remember smile is contagious and he would feel that you are really glad to see him.

5)      Start the conversation and slowly create the comfort zone. He might love listening      to you but do give him chance to speak. And try not to be too formal, remember you are not in an office meeting. The conversation should be as though you are talking to your own people.

6)      Be yourself! He should like you the way you are! Don’t try to be someone else in order to impress him. He would understand that! So don’t go over the top to impress him.

7)      Do not talk about your ex flames. That’s a severe turn off! He wont like you to remember someone else when you are with him! When you are with him, just think about him.

8)      Pay attention when he is talking. Don’t look here and there. Let him finish and then start yours. Get the conversation going and get into the flow.

9)      Laugh at his humor. Men love it if women can get their humor. And don’t forget to show off yours but don’t crack poor jokes of course! If  you think it doesn’t come to you naturally then don’t try hard to create false humor. You might end up looking like a fool.

10)   Take interest in his work, his passions. Show that you are interested in him. Ask him what is his favorite pastime, about his family, his likes and dislikes. Try to know more about him. You might find many of those match with yours.

11)   If he is telling you about his achievements then appreciate. Men feels proud when someone appreciates them. They love to feel like a hero. And would me more at ease with you if he feels that you appreciate his good qualities.

12)   Don’t be all over him on your very first meet. Maintain a distance. He would respect that. And he would want you more. Increase the intimacy with time. If you throw yourself at the guy on the very first day he would feel like you are easily available for him. Don’t let him feel that way about you. Give it some time.

13)    Don’t be too conscious of yourself. Feel pretty and confident. If you don’t feel confident about yourself he might feel uncomfortable as well. And don’t mess up with your words.

14)   When its time to leave tell him politely that now you need to get up and hit the street. If he wants to drop you home and you are comfortable with that the allow him or else tell him its ok. Let him know that you had a wonderful time with him. and a small formal thanks with a smile.

15)   Stay in touch through calls and texts.

A first date can ensure a life long relationship. If you are dating the right man, then you have got many reasons to be happy about your dates with him. Don’t give too much effort. Take it as it comes. The time spent with him should relax you and make you happy. He should also feel the same way about you. Try to be a good friend first and then a good partner. On your date with him try spend a time which you would cherish when you look back at it. Have fun and make the meet worthwhile. You can also check out the guide how to keep him interested in you for some extra perks.


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