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How to Keep Him Interested in You!!

how to keep him interested in you

Wouldn’t it be really fun to perk up your love life by doing something different for the man you love and take a break from that usual boring routine. If you love someone you need to express it as well. And the good news is, you won’t have to spend a lot of money to show how much you love him! You just have to be a little innovative and of course love him genuinely!

Simple things done with love and from the core of you heart for your partner has the power to create magic! If, of late your love life has been experiencing a crisis, its time to turn things around and bring the spark back into your life. So following are some fun and helpful tips for you:-

 Keep It Simple

 Yes, think of simple and sweet ways to make your lover feel the love. Try not to overdo it, which might spoil things. Invite him over to a candlelight dinner at your place and prepare some of his favorite dishes. Decorate the room with flowers and candles in way it gives warm and cozy feeling.

A good sumptuous dinner can be followed by a movie, you can go to a movie theater, get the tickets beforehand and let it be a surprise for him or you can both just curl up in your couch and watch a movie on your laptop or TV. Latter would be a better option. After the meal decide yourselves what to watch and enjoy!

Make him something yourself. Its always more touching when you put in your own efforts to make something for your loved ones with your own hands. Even if it’s a simple card.

 It Should Be Fun

Involve yourselves in any common activity. The involvement would bring you two closer. Take out time from your busy schedule and spend some time together swimming or playing snookers or badminton or anything that you guys find interesting and fun.

Or you can just simply choose to stay indoors and cook lunch or dinner together! It can be really fun. Decide what you guys want to have for dinner, get the recipe and go for it! Foods can do wonders!!

Go out for a long drive! If the days are busy with tight schedules then choose late nights. Go for any good drive in restaurant and have the food in your car. Talk, joke, discuss, be naughty! Spend it your way! And for that matter a drive-in movie is also a good option! Its also cheap!

how to keep him interested in you long drive

You can turn your boring daily chores into fun if u want to. Clean your rooms together, mow your lawn or do gardening. Get him into doing things with you and he would love it!

Take up projects together!!!  Make scrapbooks with your own old pictures, show your creativity or just simply go for a clicking spree!! Click funny pictures of yourselves and laugh your heart out. Create your own fun moments!!

If there is anything you both are passionate about then go for it and enroll into a class. For example If you like dancing then join a salsa school and learn it together. If love rhythmic moves then it can only get better if you are tapping your feet with your partner!

Why not bring out the kids in you again. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty again then visit a farm or an orchard and pick peaches, berries and apples whatever you want and prepare some mouth watering treat with those!

Sit back at your home and play indoor games like cards, scrabble or monopoly! Or create new, fun games yourselves. New ideas always helps to make things better.

Take The Way That Leads To His Heart

 It was perhaps rightly said by someone that a warm hug sometimes works better than words. He shouldn’t just hear you but feel you. Make him feel that you care. Make him feel at home with you. And the only way to do this is through being yourself. Be confident of yourself and don’t be afraid of showing him your real emotions. That doesn’t mean you will become weak. Be strong, be composed but don’t fake your emotions.

If you think that its just your beauty or your intellect that keeps a man glued to you then you are wrong. Yes, that would attract him initially but wont make him stick to you. It would be you in your totality that can make him be in love with you forever. Connect to his heart, make him feel secured with you, make him feel everything is in place when he is with you.

There can be many awkward moments in a relationship where you wouldn’t know what to say or how to make him feel at ease. Then a warm gesture can do what words cant. A warm hug or a caress or just a touch can ignite the passion and show your unconditional support and love for him. Just a gesture, that you will be there for him no matter what can make him fall in love with you.

But here also the warning word is don’t overdo things. Unfold yourself slowly. Let him do things for you as well. If you find something unfair then tell him. Show him your that you are upset about something and he needs to mend his ways. Don’t lose yourself in the process of winning him over.

A good relationship can be maintained if  both puts equal effort. You cant pull a relationship all by yourself. Your man too needs to do his part well. If you love him he too should love you back. If you are giving efforts to make your relationship stronger, so should he! If you are trying to make him happy then he should also take care of your happiness. Love need to be nurtured by both, felt by both, it cant survive if it’s one way. Hence do your part well and let him do his!!


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