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Rekindle your Romance even after Having a Baby

how to keep romance alive even after having a baby

romance even after having a babyHaving a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences of any woman’s life. Being a new mom is time consuming but highly rewarding. But then again, forgetting your ever helpful husband and making him come second to your baby’s needs can put a strain on your relationship.

When you have a new baby, life makes dramatic changes in every sphere. You find that you barely have time for yourself, leave alone your husband. Many husbands cannot cope up with the constant stress that a new baby puts on them and their relationships. And this is why, for a happy marriage you must learn how to strike the perfect balance between caring for your baby while also making sure your husband knows he is always No. 1 on your priority list. We have here a few relationship tips, which can greatly help you to rekindle that romance post a pregnancy.

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1.       Add the concept of date night to your life

After a baby, the concept of spending time alone with just your husband becomes all the more important. You cannot get away every other weekend anymore with a little one, but you can add the concept of a Date Night to your life. Keep one day of the week aside, where you forget about the stresses of a new baby and spend a few hours enjoying the company of your man. It could be a date for a movie, a romantic dinner, or just hitting the beach for some much needed alone time. But the idea of Date Night gives you and your man something to look forward to, every single week.

2.       Make time to pamper yourself

He loved it when you went to the beauty salon, pampered yourself, and came out looking all great and smelling even better! So why stop now? Only because you now have a baby is no excuse to become a couch potato with shabby hair and smelly clothes. Yes, caring for a baby is taxing. But you need to care for yourself too so that your husband can see the effort you put in to looking good for him! Set a session for pedicure, manicure, massage and hair cut every month and then show off your super hot body to your husband later!

3.       Spend Quality time together

Are the In-laws over for a visit? Perfect timing to get away for a passionate time with your hubby! Look for ways and means to spend more quality time together. Having a baby means giving in a lot of time in to its needs, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make time for your man. Make every minute count. It is not the quantity of the time you spend together having fun, but the quality of it. If nothing else, put the baby to sleep and open a bottle of wine. Share with your husband as you watch romantic movies all night and order in take-out. Spend time getting to know hats happening in his life, instead of slaving over a hot stove making a rushed dinner.

4.       Work to stay in shape

Remember how your husband loved the fact that you stayed in shape and looked great in every outfit? It was fine to stuff your face with delicacies while you were pregnant, but you got no reason to stay fat anymore! Get a membership to a gym and work on losing that excess weight. And when you achieve your target weight, flaunt that dress your husband so loved and show him how you still want to be beautiful just for him!

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Taking care of a new baby can leave you exhausted by the end of the day. But make sure this doesn’t affect your relationship with your husband on a day to day basis. Don’t neglect him and his needs. Make sure he still looks forward to a nice dinner at home, which comprises of his favorite foods. Make sure you get his laundry done on time, ensure you still socialize as and when you can and don’t change your life too drastically in order to accommodate a baby. If you need it, hire household help to make all these things possible. Not showing enough interest in your husband is where relationship problems begin, and making excuses for not caring for your husband because you have to care 24×7 for a new baby will not get you any positive results.


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