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Is your relationship giving you signs that it is OVER?

relationship giving you sings that it is over

All of us love being in relationships. They make us feel safe and secured, they make us feel better about ourselves as a person and they make us feel that we have accomplished something on a personal front. Isn’t that right? So sometimes, women stick to relationships that aren’t really good for them, even though the signs all tell them that the relationship is really going downhill. You can also check out this nice article on how to keep him interested in you.

Why do women stay in bad relationships? Well, that is a mystery that will stay unsolved until the end of time! But a few reasons can be these:

  • Women don’t like to be alone. They tend to feel better with a man in their lives
  • Women feel they NEED to be in a relationship more than they WANT to be in a relationship
  • The society is harsh to single women. And being in a relationship makes women feel safe, even if the relationship doesn’t really work for them anymore.
  • Women feel better about themselves when they have a man to put all their worries on. Even if the man takes no responsibility in the relationship, they simply feel better by thinking the man is the reason they have worries in the first place!

Well, we have news for you my friend! It is better to not be in a relationship, than to be in a relationship that is long dead. Most of us are more in love with the idea of ‘Love’ than with the very man we share our lives with. And while we in no way recommend you end perfectly good relationships to go explore the single life, we are here to encourage you to open your eyes and see new possibilities. Is your relationship giving you signs that it is over but you have turned a blind eye to them? Has your relationship given you no joy in years, yet you trudge along thinking you have no options? Are you in a relationship only because you man is a habit, not really a need in your life? If you answered YES to all the above questions, you might have a relationship problem on your hands.

Let’s take a look a few signs that your relationship could be long over and now doing you more harm than any good at all.

  1. He doesn’t treat you as an equal –

Sometimes, men can be obnoxiously pig-headed and chauvinistic. And if you are an independent soul who has been going behind her boyfriend’s back to make her dreams come true, it may be time to move on. You want to explore, find new options. Because trust me, there are men out there who will respect you for the woman you are and encourage your daring attitude.

  1. He doesn’t encourage or understand your ambition –

Some men like their women to play house. And if you are a high flying corporate junkie who cannot get enough of her job, you might be in the wrong ambition. Don’t ever be with a man who tells you – you should slow down because I want to be your priority. Yes, there will be a time and age to do that. But if you are in your 20’s and are just climbing up the corporate ladder, don’t ditch your job. Ditch your boyfriend and find someone who has the same career goals like you.

  1. You don’t feel the same passion about him anymore –

You share the same bed every night but you feel revolted if he touches you? You are fine as long as you play scrabble or watch movies, but sex isn’t your favorite thing anymore. Don’t get us wrong, you could have a female dysfunction problem here to. But if other hot guys get your hormones racing and only your guy falls short in that area, it may be time to move on. A relationship that doesn’t fulfill you sexually will not take you very far. How long do you think you can live a sexually frustrating life, without cheating on him?

So, if you see these 3 signs, know that your relationship is over. This is one relationship advice that you shouldn’t take lightly. After all, relationships are no games. And we know you don’t intend to treat yours as one.




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