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Your Social Circle influences your weight to a huge extent


Believe it or not, the level of your weight is highly influenced by those in your social circle. It might sounds interesting yet unbelievable but yes, the way you choose to have your circle have a huge impact upon your weight, research says! So, you better make sure that the closest in your orbit tip the scale on your behalf by keeping the following guidelines in mind:


coworkers help with weight lossA lately conducted research came to a conclusion that when female co-workers started to team up for losing weight, they tend to stay more focused on their exercise routine and reduced more pounds early on. Request your workplace to give a go to an official fitness program. It has been shown by studies that they are great for motivating employees to target and meet their fitness goals while also lifting up the productivity level at the same time. Otherwise you could simply get started your own Super Loser-type office competition, competing with the weekly weigh-ins or maybe something like lunch-hour challenges including spin classes, yoga sessions or power walking.

Your Dog

pets help with weight lossMuch to your surprise, walking your pet will shed some weight. According to a study conducted at the University of Missouri-Columbia, United States, volunteers who managed to get their furry pal to walk for like 30 minutes 5 times a week experienced a weight loss of 6kg the following year. During not-so-favorable-weather, try playing some regular indoor games with your pet dog, like chasing him/her all the way up and down the stairs, to help burning up your greasy weekend fry-up.

Your Company

Another study held in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that the friends that you have got in your circle can lift your chances of gaining pounds by a huge 57 percent. Marisa Moore, professional nutritionists, says “Women are likely to match the behavior of each other at the dinning table”. Let your dear friend make the order first – she might develop a feeling of pressure for setting a good example, and you will pursue her lead perhaps. Also, make sure to not invite your entire posse as the more friends you are likely to have in your table, the more pounds you will be building up.

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Your Partner

couple help with weight lossWell, surprising to know that your partner or room-mate beats your best mate when it comes to encouraging your weight gain. According to research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United States, women living with partner tend to maximize their odds of becoming over-weight by a BIG 63 percent. But on a bright side, couples or room mate also have quite easy time shedding weight off because researches show that people are likely to begin exercising by 50 percent if they got the company of their partner. Going out with your partner for cycling, running or swimming will be of great help when it comes to losing weight.


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