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Tackling Break up Blues

post breakup depression

GIRLS : I kept wailing all night. Woke up with puffy eyes, sobbing in my heart, I reached office. I kept my brave face on while my red, wet eyes said it all. I kept crying all the way back home from office and then as night fell, I grew restless. Yet again I gave him a call, sobbing and begging him to come back.
Does this sound familiar to you?  Is this you?

GUYS : Have you gotten home all drunk and crying one night? Have you called up your ex Girl friend and abused her, yelled at her? Have you hooked up with a random stranger just for forgetting her? Have you actually cried for a girl?

Has this happened with you lately? Is this you ?

dealing with breakupsdealing with breakups

dealing with breakupsBreak up is hard to deal with.

A broken heart is the most difficult to mend. Somebody lovelorn said that trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew. How true it is? Breakups don’t just separate two people in love; it kills a little bit of each of the person. When a relationship falls apart, the emotional blow is very hard to handle. In some cases, people who have been together for years choose to separate ways because it feels like the “wise thing to do” in the moment. And then, it is even more painful.

Your mind just cannot stop itself from going back to the memory lane. Those good times and bad, the laughter you shared, the tears you cried, the dinners you went to, the drives you took- it all comes back to you. Every little thing around you reminds you of him and life starts looking like a hell.

IT IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE but trust me, if you were dumped/cheated or you separated ways, the point is to MOVE ON! Nothing good will come by whining and crying over a failed relationship. It will only be causing you more pin and more misery.

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Make some positive changes in your life

The best solution to a break up is a temporary new engagement. The cue to getting over a bad break up is to keep you busy. Get engrossed in your work place, or join a hobby class. The point is to keep you busy from thinking about him. The more occupied you are, the less you will be thinking of him.

Seek comfort in your friends and family

Family and friends can sometimes turn out to be your biggest supporters during a break up. Stay around them and share your feelings. You will be surprised to see the immense love and support.

Avoid doing a post mortem

Never do a post mortem of your relationship post break up. There is no point thinking and analyzing what went wrong if there are no hopes of a comeback left. It will only make you more sad and remorseful.

Be open to dating again

Being open to dating post break up doesn’t mean catching the first bus as it comes. Keep yourself available to dating and new potential relationships. But don’t jump at the arrival of any random person in your life.

Stay Strong

Break ups generally leave us vulnerable and needy. This comes across as a vulnerability period for you. Do not let any one play with your feelings since your wounds of the break up are fresh. You may easily fall into traps and will only end up hurting yourself.

Plan your life

To keep your schedule tight and packed, leaving no space for loneliness and sadness, plan your moves in your life. Make new plans, new stimulus and seek the opportunity of meeting new people.

Boost your confidence

The worst effect of a break up is on one’s self confidence. Do not allow your confidence to be low at any time. Long back one of my professors in college told us that after a break up make sure that you have lots of cash in your wallet at all times. Do not spend much but keep good amount of currency in your purse/wallet. Getting a makeover is another point. Look your best, get a haircut, shop for new clothes, and wear a new perfume. It will all give you a good feeling of self esteem and confidence.

Last but not least

Lastly, no one knows what is best for you more than you yourself. Trusting one’s intuition and going ahead with the life will make it all easier for you. It must be remembered at all times that Love will come around again. He/She was not the last person you loved and will not be so in the future. If you keep looking back at what you have lost, you are surely going to miss it. So look forward, wear the best smile and concentrate on getting the most out of your life. A positive and happy personality will attract a likeminded person. Believe that you deserve to be happy. Believe that you will one day find a person who will be by your side no matter what happens.

God has made the perfect one for you and he is going to let you both meet. The sooner you move on from the wrong ones, the quicker you will meet the real one.

I would  like to quote a song by Ross Copperman :

It’s everything you wanted, it’s everything you don’t
It’s one door swinging open and one door swinging closed
Some prayers find an answer
Some prayers never know
We’re holding on and letting go.

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