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How to Tell If He Really Likes You?

know if he really likes you

For a man its may be very difficult to understand whether a woman actually likes him or not. But its not the case when it comes to men. True that men are confused regarding emotional issues, but at the same time its also true that they think simple. If he really likes you would know. There are also ways to know if the relationship is getting over.  If there is a man whom you really like, who makes you day- dream, gives you a jolt in the stomach every time he smiles at you or looks at you, it won’t be that difficult for you to find out whether he too feels the same for you.

Though men are different from women, but still certain emotions work in the same way in both. Put yourself in his position and try to understand him from his point of view. The feelings of love and liking are the same in men and women. He would behave in the same manner you would if you liked someone. The difference is that women at times don’t behave in the way they should be behaving or feel like behaving. They tend to make things complicated and expect the man to delve deeper, but they don’t quite realize, men won’t be able to do that, even if they want to.

Mind reading is a difficult task. And its true for both, men and women. But you can try and analyze his actions. Men don’t usually fake their actions, they would do what they feel like doing. He would give you direct hints or signals, take them. Best thing is that, you would know when he is into you, when he is not and when he is confused about you.

If a man really likes you, his actions would confirm that. If there is a disparity between what he is saying and what he is doing, know that either he is just playing around or confused.

If he is into you then,

1)      He would call you or text you atleast once a day. If he had been very busy all day, he would think about you atleast before going to bed. But if he doesn’t call or text you for several consecutive days don’t give up hope, he might have been really stuck into something or may be he genuinely couldn’t or wasn’t able to contact you.

2)      He would not ignore your calls or texts. He would reply. If for any reason he was unable to receive your call or reply to your text he would ring you back once he is free.

3)      He would want to meet you more often. Though he won’t compel you to meet him. He would ask you out but if you say no he would respect your decision. If he forces you or compels you, and disregards your wishes and problems, then may be he is just obsessed with you.

4)      He would remember things  for you. Men do not have good memory like women. They forget dates and other small things. They often forget birthdays and other small information  that means a lot to women. So if he takes the pain of remembering small details about you, like your favorite dish, your favorite colour, your birthday, or the day you first met and all, he really cares about you.

5)      He would make you feel exclusive. True a woman loves to feel that the man puts her among his top priorities. He shouldn’t just say it but act that way as well. Observe his behavior towards you when he is with other people, his friends, other women or his colleagues. See if he is equally caring and attentive towards you when you guys are with other people.

6)      He would take risks for you. Suppose he has an important meeting to attend and at the same time you asked him for a favor , he would try his best to tackle it. He might mess up with one or both at the end, but the fact that he at least tried would prove a lot.

7)      He would be comfortable introducing you to his friends and family. He won’t keep you as a secret. But merely introducing you to his friends won’t do, he might be flaunting you to his friends. See what kind of friends he has, and also if he is trying to make you a part of his group and his family.

8)      When you guys are among friends, he would sit beside you, walk alongside you and will be with you all through.

9)      He would notice what you are wearing and what you are saying. He would listen to the stupidest things you say with great patience.

10)    If you liked something or wished you had that, he would try to gift it to you.

11)    Even if he had to leave the town for a few days, he would call you or get in touch with you somehow, even if you are miles apart.

12)    He would be treating you differently when other girls are around. He would either be into you completely or he would try to flirt with those girls to make you jealous. If the latter happens, check if he looks at you while flirting, that would mean he is looking for your reaction. If he doesn’t and forgets all about you, that would mean you are like any other girl to him.

13)    His body language with you would be different. And that’s important. If he gives you a little hug or touches your hands or puts his arm around your shoulder, these are good signs if he isn’t a little flirt by nature and does that with every other girl.

14)    If he teases you a lot then he has got a liking for you.

15)    He would be gentle and respectful towards you. Won’t make cheap remarks or crack indecent jokes.

If most of the above signs match with the man you have an eye for, then go for him, he likes you and is perhaps expecting a response from you. Don’t keep him hanging for too long, that might erode off his interest in you. If you too like him then show you do. Many guys are shy and are less expressive, that’s where you have to notice them thoroughly. But if he does none of the above then, may be he is just going around with you. Also, you can check out the tips on how to keep him interested in you.

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