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Throw the Perfect Barbeque Party!

perfect barbeque

The bite of the winter is soon receding and this is the perfect time to take out the barbeque grill, invite your favorite friends over and throw the perfect barbeque party. We have put together a few tips that will help your party be a raging success, along with some yummy recipes.

Prepare ahead of time 

To be the perfect hostess, you need to plan your party well in time. Invite your friends over and see what time suits everyone. You can have a perfect Sunday lunch barbeque or even try out the more wild Friday night barbeque party.

Planning ahead of time will give you ample time to think of the right menu and marinate your meats well in time.

Plan the perfect menu 

Now, we come to the ideal menu. Ideally, don’t have more than 3 dishes, along with side dishes that will make your barbeque menu a hit! Prepare a versatile menu, which incorporates enough food for vegetarian and non vegetarian guests. Have enough food for your guests, without having too much variety. The idea here is to barbeque food while you enjoy, without worrying about too many cooking techniques and cooking times that comes with more variety of food.

1. Barbeque chicken wings

Barbeque chicken wings recipes

Buy ample chicken wings and prepare them the night before. You want to soak the wings in lemon juice for about an hour, before you put them in the barbeque sauce. Once the wings are soaked enough, open up a bottle of barbeque sauce and make sure the wings are covered with the juicy sauce. Keep them marinated overnight so that they cook in a jiffy the next day!

2. Veg kebabs –

vegan kabab

For the vegetarians, a fabulous dish is the veg kebabs. These are easy to prepare too! Boil a few potatoes till they cook. Chop up onions, mint, parsley, garlic and mix all of these in a bowl. Add in mashed boiled potatoes and throw in some minced pre-boiled soya. If the paste is still too runny to form patties, you could add a little corn flour. Finally, roll them in to small balls, flatten out the balls to form large veg patties and keep aside. These cook immediately on the barbeque and go extremely well with a mint dip!

3. Yummy chicken bites –

chicken bites

Chop large enough pieces of boneless chicken, so that you can put them easily on your skewers. Marinate this overnight in a delicious sauce. For the sauce, you will a bunch of mint leaves, 5 tablespoons of yogurt, 3 tablespoons of cream and salt and pepper to taste. Break off the mint leaves and put it in a mixer. Add the yogurt and cream and blend well to form a thick paste. Lay out chicken bites in to a flat tray and cover with the sauce. Make sure the sauce comes over the chicken levels.  Put in the fridge, covered and turn the side to coat both sides evenly after a few hours. The next day, put the chicken on to skewers and cook it evenly on a slow barbeque.

Serve these dishes with side of garlic bread, homemade mashed potatoes and salad greens! And that is what we call the perfect barbeque menu!

Get the Right Setting

You could have the barbeque party in your garden. Any open space will do perfectly, as you need ample space for the grill and for people to walk around and mingle as they enjoy the food, wine and conversation. If you live in an apartment, don’t worry. Just set out the grill in a large enough balcony and throw open your living room doors to create easy access to the balcony!

Make sure you ask your guests to cover up well against the cold, set up nice lights to illuminate your outdoor space and enjoy the best barbeque party ever!

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