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Top 10 Beauty Tips That Will Save You Time

beauty tips that will save time

Not to mention that the days are no more like they used to be back then. Time means everything at present. Everybody is running out of time. Almost people seems to have a busy schedule and there are times when you might feel that free time itself sounds something from outer space. But regardless of how valuable time is and how hard it is to get hands on, we still got to manage to look beautiful no matter what. Considering it, below I have mentioned some of the best time saving beauty tips for our readers. Hope you will enjoy them!

1. Preserving All Beauty Care Products (Time Saved : The Youth of Your Skin)

You may keep all your beauty care products inside the fridge for retaining their properties. Also, they will always stay fresh this way.  Using them will feel just like having the best of the skin care.

2. Hydrated and Moisturized Skin (Time Saved: 10 mins)

You may prefer moisturizing cream, Dove Shower Cream for instance, while in shower to keep your skin moisturized. It will take you around 5 minutes max. Also, Drinking water is a great way to keep your skin hydrated. Drinking a few glasses of water on a regular basis will do wonder to your skin and will take no more than 5 minutes of your day, does it? Give it a try someday. This would otherwise have taken around 20 minutes at least if you have selected to undergone some facial to maintain your skin moisturized.

3. Swollen Eyes Good-Bye (Time Saved: 60 mins)

If you don’t want your puffy eyes to last an hour after you wake up, you can rinse your eyes with fresh water for a while and prefer applying a cold press over your eyes for around 10 minutes.

4. Healthy Glow to Your Skin (Time Saved: 5 mins)

Rather than using a foundation, it’d be better for you to make a blend of sunless tan lotion with your night or day cream and apply it accordingly. This will help you get the glowing skin in the near future.

5. Apply Mascara Real Nice (Time Saved: 3 mins)

Don’t let that old mascara to pile up unnecessarily. Once you are done with mascara application, wash the brush and dry it out in a thorough way. It may be used later in order to get rid of extra mascara upon application.

6. Long Lasting Gloss  (Time Saved: Repeated application you were supposed to do otherwise)

Moisturize lips and dead skin using a lip care or balm thickly. Outline your lips with a makeup pencil. You may also use it lightly at the inner portions of your lip. Also, prefer applying a gloss tone over the makeup pencil in order to attain a long lasting gloss.

7. Hair Mask Installation (Time Saved: 5 mins)

First, wash the hair and then blot dry it. Try applying both the facial mask and hair mast at the same time. You may add repair mask if you would like to save more of your time. However, for attaining the best result of the dual application, you have to make sure that your hair is proper dried prior to application of the masks.

8. Hair Shine (Time Saved: 2 mins)

You don’t have to apply highlighters in order to attain a healthy hair shine. Simply rinse your hair with cold yet fresh water after washing the hair.

9. Nail Polish (Time Saved: 6 mins)

Lightly bluff your nails before polishing them. It will not just make it easier for your nail polish to spread properly but they will also last for longer period. You may prefer using a new generation nail polish that dries quicky, which will obviously save you more time.

10. Waxing for Better Results ( Time doesn’t count sometimes)

Prior to application of hair removal, it is suggested to rub your skin vigorously. It will assist in eliminating the deal cells as well as bring out the tiny hairs that are nestled underneath your skin.

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