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Let them Cherish your Beauty on your Wedding Day

tips for wedding day

Wedding is of the biggest events of our lives. A new journey begins from this very day. And the memories made on the day lives on forever! So it’s necessary to look your best on your big day! Some tips for wedding day will definitely help. It just starts with a little attention here and a little care there. You are beautiful naturally, so all you need to do is groom yourself in the way that would suit your beauty perfectly. It won’t take much of your time, just a couple of hours out of your daily schedule to look perfectly awesome on your Wedding day.

Start taking care of yourself at least 6-7 months before your wedding day. Know your body, your skin. Well you should always take care of yourself whether for your wedding or otherwise. Else no matter what you do, how much make up you put on its not going to make much of a difference. Your lifestyle reflects on your beauty. If its faulty or improper, its going to show on your face.

So always try to keep up with a healthy and proper lifestyle, like getting proper sleep daily, healthy diet, exercise etc. These are the preconditions. Once you have made sure that yes all these years you haven’t neglected yourself, then you can go ahead with a pre wedding beauty care. But otherwise it’s all meaning less.

How to Go About It?


Take care of what you are eating on a daily basis. Nutrition is very important. Without a proper nutrition you would look dull and mal nourished. And most of the skin troubles result from unhealthy diet. So make sure you are eating right. Choose a balanced diet. Include the five servings of vegetables and fruits that are recommended. Proteins like milk or dairy products, egg white, lean meat, fish etc.

The recommended level of carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, iron, and calcium are very important. Whole grains, pasta, multi grain cereals etc are good sources of carbohydrate. Cut down on junk foods as they would irritate your system. If you are fit and health you are bound to look good.


Exercise regularly to channel the energy, which you have gained from food, properly. No exercise might result in accumulation of fat at the wrong places. If you don’t get enough time to hit the gym regularly, then simple free hand exercises or yoga can be perfect for you. Exercising also gives you renewed energy and makes you feel active and energetic. It makes your system function properly, helps stimulate blood circulation, proper metabolism, and timely movement of bowels keeps you in shape and so on. Your social circle is also responsible to great extent so try to be with friends who work out.


Skin care is important. But before you start taking care of your skin it is necessary to determine what skin type do you have and also problems associated with it. Human skin can essentially be of four types; viz, Oily, Dry, Normal and Combination skin type. Once you know your skin type you can go about the skin care regime.

Drink plenty of water as water helps in cleaning the system and flushes out the toxins from your body as well as hydrate your skin and this is true for all skin types. And keep your skin clean by cleansing it with a good facewash or just water and follow it up with toning and moisturizing. Go for skin spa or massages once a month. Also, check out facts for healthier skins.


 Just like your skin, your hair too needs to be taken care of. Wash your hair at least thrice a week for smooth frizz-free hair. And don’t forget to condition it after shampooing else it would become dry. Hair spa is good and once a month is worth it. Choose a hair pack depending on your hair type (Oily, dry, or normal) and apply once a week. Don’t do too much styling of your hair till you wedding day because heat and chemicals can damage your hair. If you suffer from dandruff problem, you should immediately treat it. Use a good anti dandruff shampoo.


Your mind can have tremendous effect on your body. If you are always worried and stressed out, it’s going to take a toll on your body and beauty. Try to be calm and retain the peace of mind. If you are happy then it would enhance your beauty. Indulge yourself in the activities that you love to do. It can be cooking or painting, or shopping, going out with friends and family, taking care of your pets or anything that make you feel light. Meditation is also a very good way of relaxing your mind.


On your wedding day you are in the focus and also your hand since it would flaunt your wedding ring. The ring that embodies your love and togetherness should look good on your fingers! So manicure is a must. Keep your nails clean and in shape. Go for a professional manicure treatment once a month. If your nail breaks easily then consult a doctor and keep it trimmed, filed and buffed.

And when it’s just a few days to go, do some last minute preparation. Select your dress, shoes and accessories before hand. Decide how exactly you want to look on that day. Select a good hairstyle. Hairstyle should be in accordance with the shape of your face, depending on whether its round or oval etc. Paint your nails, go for pretty nail arts and if you are not too much fond of long finger nails, keep it trimmed and filed. Apply a transparent polish. Don’t party too hard during these days; it might spoil all your efforts to look good on your big day.

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Take rest and remain calm, though being excited about it is quite understandable! To overcome this, you can go for a walk or even for a drive, or watch a nice movie at your home, chat with people who you are close to.

Truly speaking the happiness of starting a new life with the person whom you have chosen would itself act as a catalyst and would make you glow. But still don’t leave any stone unturned to be the star of your wedding day because it’s your day!

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