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Start Today to Get a Beautiful Body Next Summers with these 5 Tips

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With the winters in full swing, we all love to indulge in food and avoid the outdoors and hence exercise. And with good reason! But then, come summers and most of us sit and fret about not fitting in to their cutest summer dresses, or your favorite shirt becoming a size too small. And it’s the same story every summer where beautiful summer body is a DREAM!

We try and hide behind ugly, oversized clothes for the first month, trying to shed the excess ‘winter-weight’ we all seem to pile on, wishing we had been smarter about our eating and exercising habits in winters. But there is no reason to worry anymore! Here are 5 simple tips, that will ensure that when summers come rolling by, you still fit in to your favorite clothes! So follow these advices in winters to have a beautiful body next summer!

Drink Up 

What is the best way to detoxify your body? No, it isn’t going on a special diet or resorting to diuretics and laxatives. It is drinking more water! Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water each day, to flush out your body of all toxins that slows down your metabolism. A great trick – drink 8 cups of room temperature (slightly cold) water a day and add another 2-3 cups of hot fruit teas, green teas, flavored teas. The idea is to have enough fluids in the body. Preferably, drink a glass of water before a meal, not after it. It fluxes out your digestive system and also fills up your tummy a little bit! To know more about how significant is water towards your overall skin enhancement, you can also check out the facts for healthier skin.

2.       Move It 

We all know how cold it can get in winters. And you just don’t want to leave the cozy couch, right? We don’t say that you hit the gym this holiday season, but we do recommend you head outdoors for an hour at least each day. Since your body is anyways burning more calories to keep you warm, any form of physical exercise that ups your heart rate will burn a lot more calories in winters than it would in summers! So a brisk walk is a good enough to burn off all the calories you are piling up thanks to Roasts, Pies and muffins.

3.       Think Green 

You should aim to get at least 5-8 servings of green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet every day. You can even eat more to lose weight. While you must enjoy all the elaborate feasts this Holiday Season, go easy on the carbs and supersize your salad! Veggies and fruits add fiber to your diet, which means your body burns more calories just to digest these foods. They are packed with essential nutrients and will also give you a healthy clear skin and shiny hair!

4.       Go Nuts 

Nuts are a powerhouse of energy, nutrition and are yummy too! So go ahead and eat walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, figs and pistachios this winter. They have omega 3 fatty acids, which will reduce your bad cholesterols, offer you more energy and give additional warmth to your body. They also are full of fiber, protein and minerals that give you additional health benefits. However, keep in mind that these are high in fat, so don’t binge on these!

5.       Sleep Tight 

Researchers conducted across the world show that for a fit body and a healthy mind, you need 8 hours of sleep. This is also the time your body repairs, rejuvenates and relaxes, so keep in mind that you must get enough sleep to look good. Why else do you think they call it ‘Beauty Sleep’? But, that isn’t enough. Just sleeping for any 8 hours in the day aren’t enough. Ideally, you should try and sleep between 10pm to 11 pm and wake up around 6am to 7am for the ideal sleep.

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