Home Beauty Tips Banish dry skin with these Top 5 Moisturizing Home Remedies!

Banish dry skin with these Top 5 Moisturizing Home Remedies!

dry skin home remedies

Are you sick of patchy, dry skin that makes you want to hide under layers and layers of clothes? If the sight of models with luscious, smooth creamy skin even in winters makes you burn with envy, we have just the thing you need! And none of it will cost you extra or have side effects on your already sensitive skin. Are you intrigued? Let’s see what you can use right out of your kitchen to turn your skin in to a smooth creamy delight you’d like to show off even in winters!

Many people actually think that expensive hydrating moisturizing creams should do wonders for their skin in winters. And when it doesn’t, they are left disappointed and wondering what did they do wrong. The first thing to know is that what you are within – shows outside. So drink lots of water, even in winters, to keep your skin and especially lips well hydrated and looking supple. Throw in the top 5 wonder foods in your regime. Most over the top moisturizers will contain strong chemicals, and sometimes these can be especially bad for your skin that is already stresses out! Noticed a rash on your underarm and belly? That is your Skin’s SOS call that your moisturizer is, in fact, not suiting you at all.

So get rid of expensive creams and lotions, and try these simple home remedies to banish dry skin and get smooth, supple, younger looking skin right away.

     1. Buttermilk 

You love it in your gravies and you have often heard the expression ‘Skin like buttermilk’. This isn’t a co-incidence! Why buttermilk is good for dry, dehydrated skin? This is because it is packed with the goodness of lactic acid, which is one of the important ingredients of most good moisturizers. You’ll see it mentioned on the bottle as alpha-hydroxy or beta-hydroxy acids. These compounds will exfoliate your skin, nourish it from within and make you look fresher and younger.

Now don’t think we are asking you to soak in milk like the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra! All you need to do is:

  • Wet a fresh clean face cloth in chilled buttermilk (you could use milk also if you’re out of buttermilk)
  • Lay the cloth on the dry irritated patches of your skin and leave for 5 minutes
  • Remove cloth, gently rinse and you are done!

You’ll instantly feel fresher and your skin will feel smooth to touch.

     2. Shea Butter 

Now we all know oils are great for the skin. And this is why cocoa butter and Shea butter top the list of most popular moisturizers. Butter is rich in Vitamin A that will make your skin supple, much like the natural fat in your body’s upper layer does. Vitamin F, also present in Shea butters, is another great ingredient to alleviate dermatitis, eczema, insect bites and also sunburn. It will also aid in cell growth and keep your skin looking younger. You don’t even need an anti-aging cream when you use Shea butter regularly!

Here is a tip you must remember when shopping for Shea Butter – Do not pick anything that has crossed 18 months since its manufacturing date. Even if the bottle says it doesn’t expire for 3 years, it won’t be as effective. Fact is, Shea butter will lose some healing properties sitting on a shelf.

     3. Olive oil 

We are sure you have heard about the many miraculous properties of Olive Oil. It will reduce cholesterol, even blood pressure and reduce risks for heart attacks. But it will also soothe your stressed out winter skin! Discovered by Greeks, the effect of Olive oil on dry scaly skin is nothing short of a wonder. So make sure that the next time you have a bath, dab on some olive oil all over your skin while the skin’s pores are still open.

The Linoleic acid in Olive Oil naturally creates barriers against water, and helps your body retain its natural moisture. But sadly, the body doesn’t produce linoleic acid and you must give it some from the foods you eat or the creams (or oil in this case) that you apply. What is even better is that scientific evidence points out that Olive oil can help even in skin conditions like Rosacea and Psoriasis, along with healing sunburns and inflammation of skin. The anti-oxidants in Olive will keep your skin looking younger too!

    4. Avocados 

The oil in avocados will act as emollient, that lubricates even the little spaces between cells in our skin and keep it deeply moisturized. If your skin is extremely dry, all you need is some pureed avocado on your skin!

It also has Vitamins A, D and E, along with superb penetration properties that allow it to reach into the deepest layers of the skin and make them soft and supple. They will reduce wrinkles, by tightening skin and keep it well nourished. So just apply a little pureed avocado on your skin, leave for 10-15 minutes and wash off. And that is all the beauty treatment you need this winter for fresh, healthy, glowing, moisturized skin!

    5. Honey 

It is an antiseptic, an anti-inflammatory, a moisturizing agent and an antibacterial too! Do you need more reasons to rub some honey on your dry skin? We think not! It will heal wounds and scratches, clean your skin deeply and nourish it naturally. Just add a spoonful in water, apply to your skin and rinse off after 10 minutes to get smooth, shiny skin that is blemish free!

So now, with these 5 simple home remedies to transform dry skin in to smooth, supple skin, we hope you can enjoy the Holiday Season with the added confidence only great skin can give to you!


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